Biodesign Workshops

About Biodesign Workshop

SB offers a selection of Biodesign workshop and healthtech training initiatives for industry and medical professionals working in the area of health technology innovation who would benefit from having a framework to de-risk their innovation projects.

Through such workshops, SB aims to create awareness around the successful Biodesign methodology, to aid in the development of health technologies innovation. The workshops will feature case-studies, opportunity for hands-on learning and interaction with esteemed speakers in the healthtech industry.


With a deeper focus on Asia and implementation towards commercialization and adoption, SB’s workshops and training offerings will provide Asian case studies and targeted consultations with domain experts.


SB aims to provide participants with ample opportunity for hands-on training to appreciate the Biodesign needs-driven process. Participants will be guided by experienced trainers and get to work in a multidisciplinary group setting to tackle real world examples.


Available on enquiry, Minimum attendance required.
Thematic and dedicated hands-on workshop by esteemed domain experts in areas that require deeper dive Fee will be at S$500/pax/0.5d workshop.

Workshop Customization

On special request, customized versions of the Biodesign workshop may also be organized depending on audience and deliverables.

Past Workshop Participants