Fellows 2019
  • Mr David Chen

    2019 SB Fellow

  • Ms Hee Jia Yun

    2019 SB Fellow

  • Dr Bryan Ho

    2019 SB Fellow

  • Ms Preeti Mohan

    2019 SB Fellow

Fellows 2018
  • Dr. Scott Wong Wei Gen

    Medical Officer, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

  • Dr. Andrew Chou Chia Chen

    Resident, Orthopaedic Surgery, SingHealth

    Course Director, Innovation & Design Thinking, Duke-NUS

  • Ms. Shanaz Rauff
  • Mr. Zhang Han Zhong

    Project Manager, NHIC

Fellows 2017
  • Dr. Ian Mathews

    Assistant Group CTO, NUHS

    Consultant, Emergency Medicine, NUH

    Assistant Professor, YYLSoM, NUS

  • Dr. Kenath Priyanka Prasad

    Co-Founder, Prime Respi

  • Dr. Mark Chong

    Co-Curriculum Head, Singapore Biodesign

    Program Director (Bioengineering), School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, NTU

  • Dr. Tan Ee Lim

    Manager (Medtech), NHIC

Fellows 2016
  • Ms. Cheryl Chng

    Fellowship Head, Singapore Biodesign

    Cheryl has worked with brands like Eurokars (Mazda), Singapore Airlines, NUS Business School, Pernod Ricard (Singapore), and LG. In the area of healthcare, she has also drawn up and executed IT strategies for Singapore’s healthcare; and managed projects in the area of primary care, personal health care, and home care. She has collaborated with MOH, AIC, PA, and the restructured hospitals.

    Cheryl loves to find solutions for problems – which gives rise to avenues for learning and gaining new knowledge, practicing and re-affirming knowledge which has been gained previously. People enjoy sharing ideas with her as she is able to provide alternate perspectives, likewise she enjoys brainstorming and sharing of ideas. Cheryl is open-minded and believes that everyone has a right to their own opinion. She believes that having diversity is what pushes the envelope of creativity.

    Cheryl’s dream is to build a business, with like-minded people, that creates sustainable solutions which society can benefit and improve their lives from.

  • Dr. Thien Khanh Nguyen

    General Surgery Resident, SingHealth

    Innovation Intent: I, together with my team members Cheryl, Phin Pheng, and Zhou Xiong, commit to achieving the goal of creating a transformational innovation in improving the quality of care for patients with neurological disorders through ingenuity, good science, productive discipline, and spirited teamwork. 

    I am a second year General Surgery Resident at Singapore General Hospital. I have a Bachelor in Neuroscience from the University of California, Irvine. My medical training is at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. Practicing as a surgical resident allows me to bring positive changes and to help my patients at a very personal level. I however want to contribute to medicine at a larger scale where the ripples of my action can touch more lives. This is why I decide to embark on this exciting journey in Biodesign. 

    When I manage to have some free time from my busy clinical activities, I like to read, travel and cook. I like to read about history and cultures because this allows me to travel better. I like to travel because exposure to new cultures, exotic ingredients and cuisines makes me a better cook. And I cook because cooking is like surgery: half art, half science; but without any stress!

  • Mr. Zhou Xiong

    Manager, Technology Development & Commercialisation, SERI, SingHealth

    Zhou Xiong worked on design and development of medical devices in The Biofactory Pte Ltd where he experienced various stages of biomedical product development from design to small volume production and technical support for a clinical trial. His work also involved project resource coordination and quality assurance. He obtained his B.Eng degree in Mechanical Engineering from National University of Singapore. 

    Grew up in China, Zhou Xiong came to Singapore in 2008 to pursue his undergraduate study and here he stays pursuing his career. In his free time he enjoys reading, swimming and travelling. One of his favorite quotes is from Bertrand Russell, “Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.” These three passions is the direction he tries to drive himself toward.

    With the aim of acquiring knowledge and developing devices to ease the suffering of at least some people, Zhou Xiong joined SSB Fellowship.

  • Dr. Lee Phin Peng

    Scientist, IMRE, A*STAR

    Phin Peng graduated from Brown University with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Biomedical Engineering and is currently completing his PhD in Bioengineering at UCSF – UC Berkeley. Driven by his interest in biomedical device entrepreneurship, Phin Peng also pursued a Minor in Management of Technology at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, specializing in Product Development and Innovation. 

    Phin Peng’s research expertise is in biomaterials and regenerative medicine, with a primary focus on nano-scale surface modifications to enhance the healing response to and biocompatibility of metallic implants. His research direction involves solving clinical needs with micro- and nano-technologies. Currently, he has a patent pending and has published multiple papers involving the improvement of orthopedic implants, oral drug delivery and cardiovascular/peripheral stents. As he embarks upon the Singapore-Stanford Biodesign program, Phin Peng aims to uncover opportunities in the Singapore Medtech space with creative solutions to current unmet needs.

    Outside of work, Phin Peng has been an avid squash player since he was thirteen. Tearing his ACL (twice!) has slowed his game down but he remains a huge fan of the sport. He has been blessed with the opportunities to travel around the world and his favorite destinations are places where he can watch wildlife in nature. One day, perhaps, he could fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a wildlife filmmaker!

Fellows 2015
  • Dr. Ng Xu Wen

    Senior Associate, Innoventures Inc

    Xu Wen is an aspiring entrepreneur from Singapore. She obtained her Bachelors (Hons) in Bioengineering and a minor in Entrepreneurship from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), for which she graduated a year ahead of her peers. After graduation, she worked at the Disability Classification and Research Centre (DCRC), where she worked on designs for special needs in sports research. The following year, she went back to school to pursue her graduate degree and received her PhD (Material Science and Engineering) in 2013. Her thesis work was done in collaboration with Mayo Clinic (Rochester). During her stint at Mayo Clinic, she focused on understanding the biological effects of novel cardiovascular peptides on cells and how they could be delivery to the pathology in an efficient and effective manner. Her research resulted in the development of 2 prospective devices-novel peptide-eluting stents and peptide-eluting cardiac patches for the cardiac restenosis and ventricular remodeling indications respectively. Before joining the Singapore-Stanford Biodesign fellowship, she worked at the Ocular Therapeutic Engineering Centre for two years on the development of therapeutic platforms for posterior eye diseases. In 2014, Xu Wen and her team participated and won the Smart Living Challenge 2014-an international innovation competition. She hopes that her research and innovations will translate into solutions that can help impact others positively. In her spare time, she practices Pilates and enjoys dancing salsa. She also devotes her time in community involvements by volunteering at SGCares.

  • Dr. Mary Kan Enci

    Deputy Programme Director, Singapore Biodesign, A*STAR

    Mary studied biochemistry at Imperial College London and pharmacology at King's College London. After returning to Singapore, she worked at DSO National Laboratories and was attached to the Combat Care Laboratory. Her research focus is on traumatic brain injury. She returned to school to pursue her PhD at the National University of Singapore. She is interested in understanding the progression of mild traumatic brain injury and its effect on functional outcome. Mary was also a member of the Singapore Women's Water Polo team. As Mary and her teammates train as non-professionals, she strongly believes in sports science in shaping their training approach to achieve optimal performance. In her spare time, Mary can be found engaged with her active toddler. Mary believes in taking ownership for her health and that prevention is cure. She also feels that future physician-patient care lies in self-directed patient treatment where the patient is actively involved in his/her own treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Ms. Chee Ka Mung

    Manager, A*ccelerate, A*STAR

    Ka Mung worked with Becton Dickinson Holdings and is focused on establishing quality systems in the distribution centers and product complaint management in the Asia Pacific Region. Before that, she was involved in Quality operations at Edwards Lifesciences supporting bioprosthetic heart valve manufacturing in the newly set up facility in Singapore and also in R&D at a start-up in Malvern, PA, US on drug discovery using the Ubiquitin pathway.

    Ka Mung holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Bioengineering with a Minor in Technopreneurship and a Masters of Science in Management of Technology from the National University of Singapore.

    Ka Mung has deep interest in the medical device industry, particularly at innovation management and hopes to build her career in this area to bring accessible and affordable solutions to patients. She enjoys volunteering work and travelling, which she attributes to opening up her appreciation of things and issues around her.

  • Dr. James Mok

    Associate Consultant, Plastic Surgery, KK Women and Children Hospital

    James Mok is a Clinician Scientist Plastic Surgery Resident from Singapore. He completed his undergraduate medical studies at Barts and the London, United Kingdom, before returning home to further his training. He is keen in paediatric plastic and aesthetic surgery. He is actively involved with the hospital’s Device Development Office, where he is part of the team that assists clinicians in translating their ideas into a product. His goals are to identify clinical needs and translate them to innovative solutions for improved patient outcomes.

Fellows 2014
  • Dr. Cecilia Wang Yao

    In-House Consultant, Merck Group

    Co-Founder, Privi Medical

    Not Available.

  • Dr. Benjamin Tee

    President's Assistant Professor, Department of Material Science and Engineering

    Co-Founder, Privi Medical

    Dr. Benjamin Tee is a Scientist at Institute of Materials Research and Engineering. He was a Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellow in 2014. He co-founded a seed-funded company, Privi Medical, which is currently commercializing medical devices in the gastro-intestinal space. He obtained his doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 2013. During his time in the Silicon Valley, he has also gained industry experience by working in technology companies such as Amazon Lab126. He has authored and co-authored several highly cited research papers on electronic sensor skins and wearable technologies in major journals such as Science, Nature Materials and Nature Nanotechnology. Dr. Tee has also won numerous international awards that recognized his work, including the prestigious MIT TR35 Innovators Under 35 Global Award, MRS Graduate Student Award (Gold) and TSMC Outstanding Student Research Gold and Academy award. He believes in a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to answering research questions. He ran a full night marathon, and also enjoys golf and tennis.

  • Mr. Prusothman Sina Raja

    Co-Founder and CEO, Privi Medical 

    Prusothman Sina Raja is the co-founder and director of Privi Medical, a startup developing home hemorrhoids solution. In his previous life, he worked at Ayoxxa Biosystems where he was part of an international team based in Singapore and Germany developing next generation high throughput proteomics system. During his own personal time Prusothman also co-led the development of a handheld photometric device for biological laboratory use. This was spun off as a startup in 2014.

    Prusothman is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence in A*Star. He was a Singapore Stanford Global Biodesign Fellow in 2014. Prusothman studied Biomedical Engineering in National University of Singapore. Prusothman has lived and worked in Singapore, Germany, USA, Malaysia and Indonesia.

  • Dr. Rena Dharmawan

    Associate Consultant, Head and Neck Surgery, Division of Surgical Oncology, NCCS

    Co-Founder, Privi Medical

    Co-Founder, Jaga-Me

    Rena strongly believes that with the right innovation, one can improve the lives of millions. She is currently a general surgery resident at Singhealth and was a 2014 Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Fellow, a one-year medtech innovation fellowship that aims to develop medical devices/technology to unmet clinical needs. She is the co-founder of Singapore-based start-ups: Privi Medical, developing a home-based solution for millions of haemorrhoid sufferers world-wide, and Jaga.Me, an online platform to improve home meedical and nursing care to the rising elderly population within the region. Prior to medicine, Rena graduated summa cum laude with a BSE in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She then joined the inaugural batch and completed her medical degree at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School (Singapore) in 2011.

Fellows 2013
  • Mr. Chew Jing Ming

    Chief Operating Officer, Endofotonics

    General Manager, Endofotonics (Shanghai)

    AVP, ZIG Medtech Asia Pte Ltd

    Jingming is currently the Commercial Manager at Zicom MedTacc where he is part of the management team that evaluates deal flows and works actively alongside medtech start-ups. Before that, he was with iPtec Pte Ltd where he accumulated operational experience in medtech product development and business development. An entrepreneur at heart, he hopes to run his own medical device start up one day and is preparing for that challenge everyday.

    Prior to the SSB Fellowship, Jingming was a researcher with A*STAR and had research experience in Biocomputation, Biosensors, Biomaterials, and Bio-inspired systems through his many lab rotations. His last posting at Institute of Microelectronics saw him work extensively on Ultrasound-based medical devices that involved Capacitive Micro-machined Ultrasound Transducers (CMUTs) fabrication, sparse array design, simulations, and hardware implementations. He remembers fondly too of his work in circuit design of CMOS-compatible memristor emulators which promises advances in neural research. Having moved from fundamental to translational research and now commercialization, he is convinced that there is huge potential in medtech in Singapore. He relished those days of scientific endaveours and advances in medical imaging continue to enthral him. 

    Jingming holds a B.Eng in Biomedical Engineering (1st Class) from Imperial College London. In 2013, he took on the Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Fellowship instead of pursuing his PhD and had never looked back since. He attributes his deep passion for medtech and healthcare to the inspiring year spent in Silicon Valley and on the fellowship. To supplement his scientific background with business skills, he is currently pursuing a part-time MBA with a focus on healthcare management at the National University of Singapore. He recognizes that healthcare is his calling and he wishes to push the boundaries of his knowledge in all aspects relevant to the sector. 

    Outside of work, Jingming enjoys deep conversations over coffee with his close friends. He especially values their perspectives for there is always more than one side to a story.

  • Dr. Siow Wei Ming

    Associate Consultant, Orthopedic Surgery, Singapore General Hospital

    Not Available.

  • Dr. Poh Yong Cheng

    Asia Pacific, Middle East & Greater China Innovation Manager, Danone

    Not Available.

  • Dr. Emma Luong-Van

    Senior Research Fellow, NUS

    Not Available.

Fellows 2012
  • Dr. Luke Tay

    Associate Consultant, Vascular and Endovascular surgery, SGH

    Not Available.

  • Dr. Pearline Teo

    Clinical Marketing Manager, Siemens Healthineers

    Dr. Pearline Teo is a Senior Scientist at Ayoxxa Biosystems, and is responsible for Business and Product Development in Singapore.


    Dr. Teo has 9 years of experience in scientific research. Her background in Immunology and Molecular Biology has equipped her with skills to handle biomolecules, cells and complex organisms. 


    After being awarded the Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Fellowship in 2012, Dr. Teo has explored beyond research. She was Curriculum Head at SSB for 2013 and 2014 (coordinating the NUS-NTU-SMU Biodesign class), and Senior Design Engineer at Lunar Design in 2014 (analyzing clinical needs and evaluating new concepts for the China medical device market). 


    In her spare time, Dr. Teo plans to start her own business and take over the world.

  • Dr. Ng Tze Kiat

    Urologist, Singapore General Hospital

    Dr Ng Tze Kiat graduated with MBBS from National University of Singapore in 1995. He completed his basic and advance training in General Urology in Alexandra Hospital and National University Hospital in Singapore and Concord Hospital in Sydney, Australia. In 2005, he obtained Urology Specialist Accreditation from the Ministry of Health, Singapore.

    Prior to joining Raffles Hospital, he was a Senior Consultant urologist at National University Hospital, with particular interests in kidney cancers, kidney transplantation and urinary continence. He is a Ministry of Health gazetted kidney transplant surgeon and continues to be a Visiting Consultant to National University Hospital kidney transplant service. Dr Ng’s research interest is in medical device innovation. He was awarded the 2012 Singapore Stanford Biodesign Fellowship and is currently a Consultant to Singapore Stanford Biodesign.

  • Mr. Justin Phoon

    Market Segment Manager, Integer Holdings Corp

    Justin is a mechanical engineer by training and after his post-graduate studies, decided to embark on a career in healthcare starting with a sales position in Zimmer. He then went on to join Medtronic’s nascent Neuromodulation business in 2006 because the idea of being able to merge electronics with the human brain fascinated him. That was also the time when the concept and value of a medical device, for the improvement of patient health and care, became apparent to him.

    In the decade that he has been in the industry; starting in Singapore then across ASEAN, coupled with his recent stint at Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Fellowship, he has learnt that the needs of patients and healthcare providers in emerging economies are very different to those in the developed countries. The best implants with the best outcomes counts for nought if there is no structure or policy in place for the patient to afford those devices.

    With this ethos in mind, he went on to join Greatbatch’s newly set-up R&D office in Singapore, hoping to applying his learning and experience to his team's continuing efforts to develop a neurostimulator for the emerging or self-pay markets. During his time in Greatbatch, he has also helped the company to apply for and got awarded as one of SPRING’s accelerators, together with local med-tech entrepreneur Mr Lu Yoh Chie and Temasek Holding’s Accuron Technologies.

    Other highlights include the planning and execution of an animal workshop for pre-clinical testing and surgical technique investigation for an active implantable, as well as an on-going market research study in China to better understand patient flow and market readiness.

Fellows 2011
  • Ms. Fiona Loke

    Senior Manager, SingHealth Medical Technology Office

    Curriculum Co-Head, Singapore Biodesign

    Fiona obtained B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University, with a focus in medical imaging. She returned to Singapore after graduation and worked on intelligent transport systems successfully deployed islandwide.

    Four years later, Fiona co-founded the iMedical initiative in her company, where she led a team developing translatable healthcare applications combined with new media and providing training in healthcare interoperability standards.

    In 2011, Fiona joined the inaugural batch of Singapore Stanford Biodesign (SSB) Fellows. After the Fellowship, she became a consultant to the A*STAR Healthcare & Lifestyle Office, where she managed a project involving a multi-site clinical trial. She also consulted for Covidien (now Medtronic) and the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) before taking on a full-time position as Device Development Manager at SGH in 2013.

    At SingHealth, Fiona has been actively involved in setting up the Medical Technology Office (MTO), a one-stop point of contact for collaborators and companies to work with SingHealth clinicians on medtech projects, both early-stage and towards commercialization. In 2015, Fiona and the MTO team returned to support the SSB Innovation Class in curriculum guidance and teaching roles. Fiona is a named co-inventor on 1 medical device with patents filed internationally.

    Fiona is happily married to Gideon Teo, a youth pastor. Outside work, she is involved in church and enjoys running, swimming and baking.


  • Dr. Anthony Tang

    Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon, Medical Director,  The Breast Clinic

    Dr. Anthony Tang is a specialist General Surgeon at Raffles Medical Group, with particular interest in Breast Cancer Surgery, including Breast Conservation Surgery, Oncoplasty and Sentinel Node Biopsies. 

    A published author, Dr. Tang is also a frequent speaker in many local and international conferences. As an active advocate for breast cancer screening, he often organizes public symposiums in Singapore. He was a lecturer at the National University of Singapore, active in undergraduate and postgraduate training, and ongoing research both locally and internationally.

    Dr. Tang is passionately involved in surgical outreach programs to the underprivileged parts of Asia. He is currently spearheading the surgical volunteer and charity organization within NUHS, called SOUL. Dr. Anthony also enjoys racquet sports, and divides his time between tennis, and badminton during the wet season.

    In 2011, Dr. Tang was awarded the inaugural Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Fellowship. He is currently the Clinician Consultant to I²R, and is the Fellowship Head at Singapore Stanford Biodesign.

  • A/Prof. Henry Ho

    Head, Urology, Singapore General Hospital

    Director, Medtech Office, SIngHealth

    Senior Consultant, Department of Urology

    MBBS (S'pore), MRCS (Singapore), MMed (Surgery), FAMS (Urology)

    Dr Henry Ho is a senior consultant with the Department of Urology.


    Singapore Urological Association
    European Association of Urology
    Singapore Medical Association


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  • Ms. Iris Tan

    Manager (Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Affairs), Advent Access Pte Ltd

    Iris obtained her degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore. Her interest in entrepreneurship and the medical device industry led her to pursue a one-year internship in the USA at a healthcare start-up, earning her a minor in technopreneurship.


    Prior to joining the Singapore-Stanford BioDesign Program, Iris was with a Singapore-based medical device start-up which designs intracranial stents. She played an integral role managing the multi-centre human clinical trials in 8 sites across Europe and Latin America, a critical step in obtaining CE approvals. Her clinical and regulatory experience is in Class IIb and III devices. Iris also helped to improve business processes and products through feedback gathering and competitor research. Through her efforts, Iris’ team successfully obtained CE mark for two devices.


    After graduating from the SSB-program, Iris joined a medical device incubator that works closely with clinicians to understand their needs and translate them into products. Iris was involved in the development of an ophthalmology device, which has successfully spun-out into a start-up. She spearheaded the project, and was responsible for managing the timelines, budgets, and the engineering development. She continues to utilize the knowledge from the SSB program to find new clinical problems to address and come up with innovative solutions in her work, hoping to one day savor the success of making a difference to healthcare workers and patients lives.


    Outside of work, Iris enjoys sports. She also has a passion for travelling to explore new places and cultures. She loves nature and hopes to one day explore Alaska and Peru.