Arising from our talent development initiatives and as a natural evolution of the programme, our Fellow and class alumni have witnessed increasing success in its spin-off output, with 2 technologies reaching >1k patients. A respectable innovation pipeline of 31 technical disclosures filed, 20+ funded projects (>S$5M funding) and 7 spin-offs has established us not only as a training programme but also as a high fidelity spin-off platform and a source of deal-flow for investors/incubators. 

Our innovation pipeline has also seen an increasing shift towards digital and connected health products and services. The strong foundations in Biodesign methodology serves to increase the chance of project success upon spinoff. The seeding of innovation projects and formation of start-ups is seen as the strongest validation of the training programme.

Advent Access

Advent Access is a medical technology startup focused on end-stage renal disease management. A Stanford StartX company and spin-off from A*STAR, Advent’s mission is to pioneer innovations to significantly reduce dialysis cost and restore quality of life for kidney failure patients. The company’s first product is the av-Guardian™ - an award-winning implant technology that aims to improve vascular access reliability, enable less-painful self-cannulation and, in the long run, potentially reduce vascular access related hospitalizations. The av-GuardianTM forms a key component of Advent Access’ dialysis-machine agnostic platform to empower patients to perform hemodialysis independently, safely and more affordably - at home or in novel care environments. For more information on Advent Access, please visit www.adventaccess.com

  • CEO & Founder - Mr. Peh Ruey Feng
  • Senior Medical Advisor - Prof Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam
Board of Directors
  • Mr. Lu Yoh-Chie
  • Mr. Abel Ang
  • Mr. Peh Ruey Feng
Privi Medical

Privi is developing a product to help hemorrhoids sufferers manage their symptoms safely and effectively at home. Home managament of hemorrhoids presents a billion dollar global market opportunity. Privi was founded by fellows from the 4th Singapore Stanford Biodesign and is currently led by Mr. Prusothman Sina Raja, Dr.Benjamin Tee CK, Dr. Rena Dharmawan and Ms. Cecilia Wang. Privi has achieved US FDA clearance and recently completed a major clinical study. 

For further information, please email Mr.Prusothman (prusothman@privimedical.com)  or Dr.Tee (benjamin@privimedical.com).

  • Mr. Prusothman Sina Raja
  • Dr. Benjamin Tee
  • Dr. Rena Dharmawan
  • Ms. Cecilia Wang

Professional home nursing platform solution that transforms the way patients and their families experience healthcare. For more information, please visit www.jaga-me.com.

  • Dr. Rena Dharmawan
  • Mr. Julian Koo
  • Mr. Aaron Lee

NephTech is a medical technology company dedicated to provide patients and dialysis centres an evidence-based approach to vascular access surveillance and management. Vascular access is end stage renal disease (commonly known as kidney failure) patient’s lifeline, as it allows removal of body waste through hemodialysis, and without which patients do not survive beyond several days.Among other innovations, the company is developing an economically feasible and revolutionary vascular access surveillance technology for dialysis centres to leapfrog quality of care and reduce cost inefficiencies through early prediction of vascular complications. This, NephTech strongly believes, will address a vital unmet need to reduce the heavy financial expenditures in the hemodialysis space. For more information, please visit www.nephtech.com.sg.

  • Dr. James Lim
  • Ms. Loh Yan Ling

A bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, design and development of small mlecular weight compounds for the treatment of chronic diseases. For more information, please visit www.sinopsee-therapeutics.com/.

  • Dr. Sakthivel Sekar
  • Prof. Uttam Suranag
  • Prof. Chandra Verma
  • Dr. Hong Hwa Lim
  • Dr. Srinivasaraghavan Kannan
  • Scientific Advisory Board


An interactive, self-monitoring way to monitor major signs of stroke to enable prompt follow-up by immediate caregivers.
PI: Dr Phin Pheng Lee, 6SSB

Prime Respi

A way to loosen and mobilize mucus in chronic bronchitis patients.
PI: Dr Priyanka Kenath Prasad, 7SSB


A non-invasive, electrostimulation approach to improving venous flow in patients with venous stasis to reduce progression. 
PI: Dr James Mok, 5SSB


A safe, comfortable and effective way to relieve Small Bowel Intestinal Obstruction (SBIO) to reduce inpatient hospital stay and improve patient selection for surgery.
PI: Dr Rena Dharmawan, 4SSB; Dr Mark Chong, 7SSB


A way to inform better management of diabetic foot ulcers to reduce recurrence.
PI: Dr Scott Wong, 8SSB