Several innovations have originated from the pool of unmet clinical needs identified by our Fellows and class students. Today, the innovation output of SSB has reached a tipping-point. Beyond 22 patents and 7 projects (initiated from the training programme) which attracted over $3.5 M in funding, SSB alumni have spun-off atleast 9 companies, 7 of which are in healthcare.

Within the first 2 years of the launch of the Fellowship Extension at SSB, 2 start-ups spun-off from SSB IP, namely Privi Medical and Advent Access Pte Ltd, both of which have successfully attracted private funding.

Advent Access

Advent Access Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based medical device startup in clinicals stage. Founded based on Stanford Biodesign principles, the company’s mission is to pioneer innovations that preserve fistula access, reduce dialysis cost and restore quality of life for kidney failure patients in Asia and across the world. Advent Access has innovated a proprietary “device-guided blunt access” platform that aims to preserve the health of an AV fistula vessel; and scale hemodialysis centers to treat a larger patient population with less nursing support or remotely at home. The startup's first product is the av-GuardianTM – a subcutaneous access device placed adjacent and non-invasive to an AV fistula. Implantable in a treatment room, the av-GuardianTM is further designed with an ease of use to empower patients independent and less-painful self-cannulation with a blunt needle.

  • CEO & Founder - Mr. Peh Ruey Feng
  • CTO - Mr. John Shulze
  • Senior Medical Advisor - Prof Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam
Board of Directors
  • Mr. Lu Yoh-Chie
  • Dr. Steven Fang
  • Mr. John Shulze
  • Mr. Peh Ruey Feng
Privi Medical

Privi is developing a product to help hemorrhoids sufferers manage their symptoms safely and effectively at home. Home managament of hemorrhoids presents a billion dollar global market opportunity. Privi was founded by fellows from the 4th Singapore Stanford Biodesign and is currently led by Mr. Prusothman Sina Raja, Dr.Benjamin Tee CK, Dr. Rena Dharmawan and Ms. Cecilia Wang. Privi has raised over S$1.1M from a combination of public and private funding.

For further information, please email Mr.Prusothman (  or Dr.Tee (

  • Mr. Prusothman Sina Raja
  • Dr. Benjamin Tee
  • Dr. Rena Dharmawan
  • Ms. Cecilia Wang