In House Services

About SB In-House Services

To advance its mission and vision to accelerate health technology innovations towards commercialization and adoption, SB will be providing a suite of services that complement the Biodesign innovation process to support in-house and external projects who will require assistance in the Identify, Invent and Implement segments.

For more information about SB in-house services, click here to view our innovations brochure.

Reference: Adopted from Biodesign : The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies, Yock P. et al., ISBN13: 9781107087354

Needs Assesment & Curation

Needs finding is an integral part of the Biodesign process which allows a patient journey to be charted from start to end, extending beyond the hospital into the community so as to create contextualized and impactful innovations. Every year, our Fellows are immersed in a specific clinical theme for 3 – 4months, for which they would have witnessed first-hand how hospital procedures and operations are conducted in various countries such as the U.S., SG, China and Indonesia. These observations are further processed and stored in a needs database which may be accessed for a fee. Separately, a needs investigation and/or validation study may be commissioned according to your requirements.

Product Development Support


The Singapore Biodesign Programme is housed at A*START Central, which is our host’s institution, A*STAR’s open innovation lab. Over the years, SB has acquired a range of engineering assets and has set up a rapid prototyping space at the engineering lab at A*START Central. This space has been upgraded to improve the access of its equipment and in-house engineering services to support the early engineering needs of healthtech projects. In particular, we provide an array of materials for brainstorming and more specialized equipment for prototyping.

For teams and/or individuals who require more in-depth expertise to further their ideas, SB provides a one-stop Tinkerlab for your health technology prototyping needs.

Product Engineering Services

Please be introduced to our experienced in-house product engineer, Mr Tan Hee Choon, who is able to provide clinic consultations (first session is complimentary) and product development services in the areas of system engineering, mechanical product design and design history file review advice.

Equipment & Software

For a small fee, you and your team may get access to our equipment and software at our dry lab and/or wet lab space.The equipment available at our tinkerlab are generally good for quick modification of parts once you have a skeleton. Some of the key equipment available in our lab are as follows:

For the full list of equipment, please view the pdf here.


SB has curated a list of vendors for the various prototyping needs required by a project/startup team ranging from components to systems to user design and manufacturing should you require recommendations for. Prior to engaging these vendors, teams may seek follow-on advice/consultations with our in-house staff and mentor network. For example, a basic design history template is made available to teams to get them started on their QMS journey. Teams may also seek assistance with risk assessment and product design review to refine their design specifications which will help greatly in streamlining the prototyping process and expense.

Availability of use is on a first-come, first-served basis; subject to safety clearance of protocol and personnel. Terms & conditions apply. Storage is subject to availability, and the use of additional consumables such as 3D printing filaments may be charged separately.

Business Implementation & Execution

the second valley of death for getting a health technology innovation to market is at the implementation phase for which speed of execution is of essence.For this, SB aims to assist project teams via a fee-for-service approach to de-risk their projects sufficiently with the following:

    1) Market Validation and KOL identification, especially in China, Indonesia, Singapore and the U.S.
    2) Preliminary business model scoping and planning
    3) Preliminary health technology assessment and pricing
    4) Sourcing and curation of vendor in our extended network in areas such as clinical trials, regulatory, IP and reimbursement.