Special Lectures

What is the Special Lecture?

SB also provides a platform for subject matter experts in the medtech innovation process e.g. regulatory, design thinking; as well as in various domain clinical specialties and geographies to share their experiences and insights with the local community.

Upcoming Special Lectures

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Past Special Lectures
Year Subject Speaker
2019 Healthtech investing: Battle of the heavyweights

Dr. Josh Makower, General Partner, NEA
Mr. Lu Yoh-Chie, General Partner, Majuven Pte Ltd

Moderator: Dr. Joseph Mocanu, Managing Partner, Verge HealthTech Fund

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2015 Innovations in Cardiac Surgery

Mr. Manny Villafana, Founder, St. Jude Medical Inc.

2015 Leading with Creative Confidence

Mr. Tom Kelley, Partner, IDEO

2014 International Trends in Medical Technology Innovation & Regulation

Mr. Michael Gropp, Former VP, Global Regulatory Strategy, Medtronic

2013 The futre of medical and life sciences technology: Changing the Paradigm from treating disease to disease Management

Mr. William Hawkins, Ex-CEO, Medtronic

2012 MedTech Ventures in China

Dr. Chris Shen, MD, Executive Director (US), Singapore-Stanford Biodesign, Principal, Essex Woodlands.

2012 Presentations on Personalised Medicine 24 Feb 2012, Matrix, Biopolis

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) together with the Singapore-Stanford Biodesign (SSB) presentated two guest speakers, Karen Long and Carolyn Albertson, from Abbott. Key issues on safety, effectiveness and cost were addressed, in this presentation, for the effective translation of scientific innovation into clinical practice. Molecular technology can play a role for the greater understanding on the molecular basis of disease which holds much promise for the personalisation of diagnostic approaches, optimal for each individual.

2011 Healthcare innovators Forum Keynote

Mr Peh Ruey Feng, SSB fellowship head, was a keynote speaker at the "Healthcare Innovators Forum 2011" held by the Ministry of Health and Singapore Economic Development Board on 28th October 2011. His talk entitled "Needs Driven Inventions, Commercialisation Centric Innovations", Mr Peh Ruey Feng share about the Biodesign Innovation Process: a systematic approach to needs identification, invention and implementation of a new medical technology; and innovation principles that can help improve the odds of success.

Speakers at the Forum:

  • Mr. Peh Ruey Feng, Programme Director, Singapore-Stanford Biodesign
  • Mr. Abinash Nayak, VP, R&D, Hill-Rom
  • Mr. Lekshmy Parameswaran, Director Research Fuel for
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