Corporate Membership

About Corporate Membership

The Corporate Membership Programme was launched in 2013 to supplement industry teams with Biodesign training and mentorship on a real-world need in a related focus area for our corporate partner. Industry teams interested to train a multidisciplinary team from R&D, marketing and business development to encourage strategic innovations for the Asian markets are encouraged to sign up. The SB Corporate Membership is an industry-focused initiative designed to address the following needs:

  1. How can companies have more direct access to talent from SB?
  2. How can companies have more direct access to the training offered by SB?
  3. How should companies that share the goal of building a nucleus of Asia-based innovators and innovations forge closer partnerships with SB?

SB offers 2 corporate options, Gold and Silver, each with different levels of access and benefits (see schematic) and runs from 1st April to the following year’s 31st March.

Membership Scheme
1 April (Sign-up Year) - 31 March (Next Year) GOLD SILVER
1-year Membership Fees (w/o GST) $50,000 $15,000
Biodesign Training    

5 Day Bootcamp 
With mini-clinical immersion featuring esteemed guest lecturers, networking and team building opportunity for mature teams

Priority x 4 Priority x 2

Access to SB organized lectures and 1 Day Workshops
will involve heavy-weights from various topics that will be covered in the lectures or workshops over the course of the financial year

x4 x2
Mentoring by SB on selected project/option for Regional Validation 12 weeks 8 weeks
Access To Talent    

Proactive Look-out for Right Talent

x x
Access SB Talent Email Group x x
Other Strategic Benefits    
Access TLS and associated via Closed-Door Networking Sessions x x
Access SB Network & Events (eg. Partner Events, Closed-Door Project Presentations, Networking Dinner, etc.)  x x
Company Feature (website and events)  x x
Access to SB's Prototyping "Tinkerlab'' x  
Access to SB Clinical Needs Database for the Year *if sponsoring clinical theme x  


Current Corporate members
Gold Members
Silver Members
Past Corporate Member
More Information

For enquiries on the corporate membership, please contact us via Email: SSBenquiry@scei.a-star.edu.sg | Phone: +65 - 8793 6406