Corporate Membership

About Corporate Membership

SSB Corporate Membership was launched as an industry-focused initiative in July 2013, to meet the needs of the medtech industry. Through this scheme, companies get access to SSB talent, training programs and can connect with the larger medtech innovation ecosystem in Singapore.  

Membership Scheme
1 April (Sign-up Year) - 31 March (Next Year) GOLD SILVER
1-year Membership Fees $50,000 $15,000
Biodesign Training    
Innovation Class Passes (22 Lectures, Textbook) Priority x 4 Priority x 1
Biodesign Team Coaching Sessions (14 sessions during IC)  x  
Innovation Project* x  
Innovation Class Lecture DVD Set x  

Post-Class Mentoring (3 sessions)**

Access To Talent    
SSB Fellows Externship (1 month) Priority x 1 x
Proactive Look-out for Right Talent x x
Yearly Class Resume Book x x
Access SSB Talent Email Group x x
Other Strategic Benefits    
Mini-Clinical Immersion*** x  
Access TLS/SL/Class Speakers via Closed-Door Sessions x x
Access SSB Network & Events (eg. Partner Events, Closed-Door Project Presentations, Networking Dinner, etc.) x x
Company Logo (website and events) x x

* GOLD corporate member team can pursue their own project or choose to do a project based on clinical needs identified for the class
** GOLD corporate member team will be given the opportunity to have 3 more mentor sessions with SSB trainer post-class (Jan-Mar the following year).
*** A short Clinical Immersion in a partner hospital can be arranged, if requested by  the project team, subject to the hospital's approval.

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Silver Members
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For enquiries on the corporate membership, please contact us via Email: | Phone: +65 - 6817 2989